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2020 IDP Dynasty Rookie Defensive Line Rankings

Does anyone even have a rookie draft left to do? So my IDP rankings took quite a long time to sort out. In my defense, I didn’t know I was going to do them and therefore had no idea how I was going to produce rankings – just be glad there are any at all! […]

2020 IDP Dynasty Rookie Defensive Back Rankings

Having learnt a little about projecting players based on their college production in my ranking linebackers posts, it was time apply this to projecting defensive backs. The short answer for defensive backs is – draft Strong Safeties. Here’s the long answer. Without going in to the nitty-gritty of our league scoring system, scoring Cornerbacks is […]

2020 IDP Dynasty Rookie Linebacker Rankings

Scroll to the bottom for the final rankings! Last time on ‘A Linebacker Learning Curve‘.. So this is the table I produced in the last post with a score for each rookie linebacker based on their college production and where they were picked. But I had a few questions. Was Troy Dye a steal for […]

A Linebacker Learning Curve

There’s been a small gap between posts as I’ve been looking at my rookie fantasy linebacker rankings and trying to work out if they’re actually any good. Rather than posting rankings I’m not sure about I thought I’d turn my exploration of how to project linebackers in to a series of posts and share them […]

The Culling – Reforging the Jotunheim Giants

The inaugural 2019 Cecil Road Dynasty League season saw the Jotunheim Giants finish in a lowly 8th place. Despite having the second highest scoring defence, the anaemic offence cost the Giants any shot at a play off berth. It was time to review the roster and plan for 2020. On inspection a few things stood […]

2020 IDP Rookie Dynasty Big Board

Welcome to my 2020 IDP rookie Big Board! This was my attempt at grouping the 2020 rookie classes into tiers to help me with our 2020 rookie draft that happened earlier this week (29/04). In the previous two posts I went through the draft pick by pick and explained why I made each pick but […]

2020 Rookie Dynasty Draft – The Results. Rounds 3,4,5 & 6

The CRDL Is A PPR IDP Dynasty League With 11 Starters On Either Side Of The Ball – All Points Made Will Be In Respect Of This. Use This Information As You Will! Missed rounds 1 & 2? Check them out here! Quick ‘needs’ recap – “Still need to address DB, find some LB depth and […]

2020 Rookie Dynasty Draft – The Results. Rounds 1 & 2

The CRDL Is A PPR IDP Dynasty League With 11 Starters On Either Side Of The Ball – All Points Made Will Be In Respect Of This. Use This Information As You Will! Many, many new Giants have joined the cause – 16 to be precise. After a 7th place finish in the inaugural season […]

2020 Dynasty Rookie Running Backs – Top 16

What a blast that was! The 2020 NFL draft has come and gone. The UK viewing times were not kind (back to back 05:30 am finishes is taking a while to recover from!) but we now know the running back landing spots and so it’s time for some speculation as to how these RB’s fit […]

2020 Dynasty Rookie Wide Receiver Rankings – Top 20

And so, the historic 2020 wide receiver class. The picks are in, destinations settled. But who do you pick? Who’s the best receiver? Who has the best landing spot? Fear not! Here in Jotunheim we’ve spent some time this off-season ranking the wide receivers to enable the start of the Jotunheim domination and King Thrym […]

Gameweek 5 – Giant Underdogs

1%. Sleeper give me a 1% chance of winning this week which seems a bit mean. As you can see I’m sticking to the defense first plan and trying to make do on offense with lots of promising players who could be future stars. I had picked up Antonio Callaway when it looked like Juice […]

Gameweek 4 – A Giant Mess

Well that went badly. There was another trade just before kickoff on Sunday that had some pretty major implications for this week’s match seeing as it was with my Week 4 opponent – The Boscombe Behemoths. No prizes for guessing how that trade looks after one game! So here it is IN James Washington John […]

The Giants Just Got Dangerous

Literally, it cost a a 2020 1st, 3rd and a Jarvis Landry but Baker ‘I woke up feeling dangerous’ Mayfield is a Giant. Bakermania is in full effect. Or at least it will be when the Browns offense starts clicking and the Pats aren’t playing someone where they’re 20 point favourites. What this means for […]

They Might Be Giants

And they might not be Giants – depends on who I can get for them! Two games in and there have been so many trades I’m beginning to lose track of who is still on my roster – might as well document the trades/waivers I’ve made here so I know what’s going on! First things […]

Gameweek 2 – Kickoff in 5!

Well I’ve been busy painting the house so its 17:46 and kickoff is at 18:00. By the time I finish I’m hoping the title will be correct! Sit/Starts Brady over Murray – Pats play Dolphins. Pretty simple. Dare Ogunbowale over anyone – I thought the Bucs-Panthers game was going to be a shoot out and […]

Gameweek 1 – Week 1 Upset. No Wait – Week 1, Upset 😦

And not just about having stayed up til 04:30 watching the Packers-Bears game. So there’s the Week 1 line up. Couple of changes before the season started including a rather big trade. OBJ has gone. As has Nick Bosa. Pretty painful stuff as those are two guys I was stoked to have on the roster […]

The First Steps of a Fledgling Dynasty

Week 1 has already been and gone, in fact we’re already one game in to week 2 and I still haven’t reviewed the draft! Seeing as the the roster is looking a tad different already I thought it was about time I did something about this. So here we go! The draft, who I picked, […]

IDP Fantasy Points – A Task Set By Loki Himself

Well that escalated quickly. King Thrym, Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants one day, Commissioner of the league the next. And what is the first task bequeathed to me? I need to sort out our IDP scoring as Leonard is predicted to top the fantasy point scoring charts, ahead of our point boosted Mahomes, with […]

Drafting Giants

19:00 (ish), Thursday 22nd August 2019. Ashtead, Surrey, England. Chez Parker. 40 rounds of mayhem. 5 days… better thank I expected. If you’ve never experienced a 40 round start up dynasty draft I recommend you get involved. Never before have I seen a wrecking ball of chaos rip through 5 days of 12 peoples lives […]

The Start of a Dynasty – The Jotunheim Giants

NFL is back, and this year we’re kicking it up a notch The CRFFL is back in all it’s glory. Two divisions of 10 teams going at it once again for the magnificent Superb Owl trophy. Bash is back and looking to defend her title after a dominant 2018 season… but that isn’t our focus […]