Gameweek 4 – A Giant Mess

Well that went badly.

There was another trade just before kickoff on Sunday that had some pretty major implications for this week’s match seeing as it was with my Week 4 opponent – The Boscombe Behemoths. No prizes for guessing how that trade looks after one game!

So here it is


  • James Washington
  • John Johnson
  • Nick Bosa
  • 2020 2nd & 3rd


  • Mike Evans
  • Jaylen Samuels
  • Terell Edmunds

Mike Evans has gone. Big blow to lose him as he was going to be the centre-piece of my WRs but I’m hoping that James Washington will grow into a big role as the number 2 to Juju – from the way things went on MNF that looks to be a little while away. No points was not really what I was looking for. Adding to the fun of that game was Jaylen Samuels suddenly becoming an integral piece of the offense. Bloody typical!

Anyway, Nick Bosa is back, which is brilliant, and he’s joined by John Johnson which has really solidified my defense.

Absolutely loaded! Doesn’t matter who’s on bye or who has a niggle – there’s someone ready to step in and put up numbers

And here’s the taxi squad

There’ll be some interesting decisions come cut down day next season with Simmons, Sweat and Ferguson likely to be full time starters. Gardner-Johnson also has some time to make a name for himself and may be able to push for a roster spot. Higdon looks like he may struggle to get any game time but Armstead is already getting carries behind Fournette which will certainly help my rather thin RB position!

But alas, 4 weeks in and I’m 1-3 – there’s little chance of getting a win in Week 5 either 😦

So what’s going wrong and what am I doing about it?

QB – Really happy with this depth. Brady is filling in whilst Murray and Baker bed in (please fix your O-line Browns!) so no issues here at all.

RB – Well my starting RB’s aren’t scoring any points but I’m really optimistic for them through the rest of the season so that’s a sit and wait job. I really need some depth as I’ve started Ogunbowale way too many times this season and he’ll have to start on each of the bye weeks for Montgomery and Sanders

WR – Yeah, about that. I have 8 wide receivers who, between them, might score the same as 1 good wide receiver. But there is hope. Whilst they’re not scoring much at the moment, each player is talented and has the chance to push on and become integral parts of their respective offenses so, again, this is a sit and wait…

TE – Why do I have 5 tight ends? Because my WRs aren’t scoring any points so I thought I’d turn to the less popular tight ends to fill out my flex. It’s gotten to the point now where the TE position is the one I’m most pleased about! Dissly is a long term favourite and is on fire at the moment, Hockenson (when he’s not trying to hurdle people) looks great, Hunter Henry will be a big piece when he’s back and Goedert and Sternberger and ones for the future. In a month’s time I have no doubt I’ll be running 3 TE sets.

K – And I have a kicker. Rosas hasn’t really done much yet but he’s regularly outscoring half of my starting offensive players. Probably not a good sign.

So it’s very wait and see. The next month or so looks like it’s going to be rough but if some of my players can establish themselves then I should be in really good shape for the second half of the season. Might need to find another RB at some point though! Just, hopefully before the season finishes..

King Thrym, Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants

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