Gameweek 5 – Giant Underdogs


Sleeper give me a 1% chance of winning this week which seems a bit mean.

As you can see I’m sticking to the defense first plan and trying to make do on offense with lots of promising players who could be future stars. I had picked up Antonio Callaway when it looked like Juice was going to miss this weeks game but, with the news that he’s likely to start, I’ve dropped Callaway and picked up Isabella who I’m really pleased to have on the roster! Hopefully he’ll fill in nicely for Kirk until he’s back and then maybe even have a role in the offense going forward.

I’m sticking by Murray this week against the Bengals as that game could spiral out of control. Brady looks a good play against the Redskins but he’ll likely be benched in the second half with a comfortable lead and with Mayfield I’m waiting to see how the Browns O line develops.

It’s great to see Gallup back but I’m not starting him this week as I don’t expect him to feature heavily but next week should see him, Hockenson and hopefully Kirk return which will vastly improve the starting line up!

I’m still trying to procure a running back that I can play during Montgomery and Sander’s bye weeks as I really don’t want to be leaning on Ogunbowale every other week! At least this week he gets a rest.

King Thrym, Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants

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