I should probably change the name of this page to ‘why I have/need a blog’.

So I’m Doug and I tend to pootle about. I live in the mighty Victorian seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare and it is from here that I concoct all sorts of interesting and exciting schemes – very few of which have ever produced anything.

But all of that is about to change now that I have a blog!


Well one of the schemes actually came to something – I now live in London.

There seem to be one or two things you can do in London in your spare time so, for now, the focus of the blog will be on exploring London and sharing what I get up to.

Update 2!

So I’m back in Weston.

I rather enjoyed my two year foray to London but now I’m back for a bit helping out at my parents. There are still plenty of places to explore so I’ll get out with my camera and see what I can find!