2020 IDP Dynasty Rookie Defensive Line Rankings

Does anyone even have a rookie draft left to do?

So my IDP rankings took quite a long time to sort out.

In my defense, I didn’t know I was going to do them and therefore had no idea how I was going to produce rankings – just be glad there are any at all!

The method I developed for ranking IDP players is based on a combination of their college production and draft capital. This is weighted by the scoring settings for our dynasty league and by looking at the previous 3 draft classes – scoring settings can be found here. 3 years isn’t the exactly the largest of sample sizes and so I may include a few more years when I do next years rankings.

The rankings obviously don’t take in to account scheme or injuries but I feel it’s a good starting point for those who are a bit lost with IDP leagues.

As usual I’m starting off with the 2017-19 classes and producing a score that puts them in to a ranking that generally feels right.

An average DE will outscore an average DT, which is thankfully apparent in the rankings, but the king of Defensive Lineman fantasy points is draft capital.

Out of interest I calculated Aaron Donald’s score which was 13.50 – maybe not the number you’d expect but high enough to pique your interest as a DT!

Not a huge amount to read in to the stats for defensive lineman, which is interesting in itself, and so on to the 2020 draft class.

Yeah so Chase Young is ridiculous – however Myles Garrett is valued in your league, that’s how you should value Chase Young. His score doesn’t quite match Garrett but the entire league are sold on him being better than Bosa so there’s no reason to not be all in on him.

Outside of the obvious winner, Epenesa is the only prospect to receive a double digit score. There wasn’t a huge amount of buzz surrounding this year’s defensive line class so this isn’t a huge surprise. A quick glance at the first table suggests that we shouldn’t expect any double-digit average fantasy production given the scores for the 2020 class.. expect for Kinlaw. The data doesn’t predict it, but I do. Love me some Kinlaw.

I chucked in Curtis Weaver due to his ridiculous college production – this doesn’t usually translate all that well to the NFL but if you’ve got a deep bench he may be worth a stash.

So that’s it for my 2020 rookie IDP rankings! They’re not your traditional rankings but hopefully they’ll be of use in dominating your league.

I think I might do some team-by-team analysis next – again not too sure what exactly that will entail but you never know until you try!

King Thrym

Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants


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