They Might Be Giants

And they might not be Giants – depends on who I can get for them!

Two games in and there have been so many trades I’m beginning to lose track of who is still on my roster – might as well document the trades/waivers I’ve made here so I know what’s going on!

First things first, what is the point of the trades and waivers? What’s the plan?

The plan, obviously, is to try and win games, but I want to go about it with players that are ‘my guys’. There are still a few players about in the league that I’d really like to try and acquire still but those may have to wait.

So, in date order (UK), here are the giant moves

06/09 – Trade


  • Aaron Donald
  • TJ Hockenson


  • OBJ
  • Nick Bosa

Big trade this one, especially in the preseason. ‘My guys’ going in and out in this one which is a little odd but Donald is just too exciting to have on the team and TJ Hockenson was someone I was gutted to miss out on in the draft. OBJ and Nick Bosa were a high cost but, despite Donald not returning any decent points yet, I’m happy with this trade.

09/09 – Trade


  • Khalil Mack
  • Miles Sanders
  • Dante Pettis


  • AB
  • Devin Singletary
  • Damien Williams
  • 2020 2nd

Another biggie. Having acquired Donald the next logical step was to try and get Mack – and a hefty price he was! The loss of AB was a shame as he was looking amazing in practice on Hard Knocks (when he was actually there at least) and off the back of the OBJ trade my ‘set for years’ WR core was decimated. Singletary had looked great in his first game but I still feel that Sanders is the better long term option. Damien Williams and a 2020 2nd for Pettis made the trade go through though and hopefully, one day, Pettis will feature as a WR for the 49ers.

With the sudden release of AB about 2 minutes ago this trade looks even better.

11/09 – WAIVERS


  • Dallas Goedert
  • Demaryius Thomas


  • Matt Ioannidis
  • Mack Wilson

Dallas Goedert being dropped to waivers piqued my interest – a brilliant tight end but stuck behind Ertz. Definitely worth a stash. Demaryius Thomas was a bit of a punt as the Jets had just signed him, and he’d looked good for the Pats, so I picked him up as well.

Didn’t last long though as Robby Anderson was dropped and so a rather inevitable waiver followed

12/09 – WAIVERS


  • Robby Anderson
  • Dexter Lawrence


  • Quandre Diggs
  • Demaryius Thomas

Didn’t really want to drop Diggs but seeing the new, improved, D Law on waivers I had to find someone to drop!

13/09 – WAIVERS


  • Hunter Henry


  • Rashaad Evans

Well I was never passing up a chance at Hunter! Someone had obviously gotten fed up with the constant injuries and had dropped him.. he’s now sat on my IR getting healthy!

17/09 – TRADE


  • Mike Evans
  • Christian Kirk
  • Michael Gallup
  • Robert Foster
  • Jace Sternberger
  • Grady Jarrett


  • Davante Adams
  • Josh Gordon
  • Julian Edelman
  • Geronimo Allison
  • Vance McDonald
  • Dexter Lawrence

This one raised eyebrows.

My final WR stud, gone. Vance ‘Stiffarm’ McDonald, gone. Flash and Edelman, gone. D Law, gone …and Geronimo Allison as well.

BUT! A whole host of ‘my guys’ came back the other way that has left me much happier with how the roster looks. Mike Evans, Christian Kirk and Michael Gallup I am more than happy to have as my 3 starting WR’s going forward, Sternberger is a great tight end who, once healthy again, will be the pass catching tight end for Aaron Rodgers and Grady Jarrett is Grady Jarrett. Bob Foster just evened up the positions and lasted 2 days on the roster.

AB leaving the Pats doesn’t have the same effect on this trade unfortunately…

18/09 – WAIVERS


  • Devin Smith
  • Rashaan Melvin

With Hunter Henry and Jace Sternberger hitting my IR slots this left some space for me to find a startable WR and and some IDP depth. What I managed to get was, not only a starting WR, but a starting IDP. Devin Smith is a natural replacement for Gallup (I can’t wait for the Dolpin game!) and Rashaan Melvin looks to be an excellent pick up dispite him looking likely to miss the Eagles game.

19/09 – WAIVERS


  • Anthony Miller


  • Robert Foster

And away goes Foster. A real punt this one, Miller is still coming back from his shoulder injury and Trubisky can’t be relied on to provide catchable targets but the talent is there so I’ll hold him for a bit.

Blimey, all caught up.

Here’s a quick look at the roster as it stands. I’ll do a roster review sometime next week!

King Thrym, Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants

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