Drafting Giants

19:00 (ish), Thursday 22nd August 2019.

Ashtead, Surrey, England.

Chez Parker.

40 rounds of mayhem. 5 days… better thank I expected.

If you’ve never experienced a 40 round start up dynasty draft I recommend you get involved. Never before have I seen a wrecking ball of chaos rip through 5 days of 12 peoples lives with such totality. Tempers aren’t so much frayed as lie in tatters. Bonds of friendship built over decades were torn down as the hours passed waiting for the next ******* pick to be made.

But made they have been.

And when that pick was the one you were about to make next?…well, it’s lucky that the Jotunheim Giants were born cool.

And so I present to you, for your amusement, The Jotunheim Giants!

Is this the greatest draft ever? Possibly.

One thing is for certain and that is that I have no idea whether it’s any good or not. But then, neither does anyone else know about their roster – how IDP points work changed twice during the drafting process!

But that’s rather the point. This is a start up dynasty league where no one involved has ever been in a dynasty league before – the aim of this league is simply to put Madden and Football/Championship Manager out of business.

Get out of here CM 01/02

And to do that, we’re trying to get as close to being an NFL head coach as possible. Quarterbacks are the most important piece of a franchise and so, as mentioned in the last post (and with a little luck, unless your Al, who is outta Luck), their scoring reflects this. We’ve gone with 3 wide receivers, 2 running backs, 1 tight end and 3 flex as this better reflects the options a coach would have. Same on the defensive side of the ball with 3 d-lineman, 3 line backers, 3 backs and 2 flex to keep those options open whilst still ensuring each position group is important. The aforementioned IDP points changes reflect our attempts to have the best players at each position rise to the top without overly punishing one (apart from stupid ‘shut-down’ corners – if there was a metric for how many times a QB looked at them and thought ‘Nope’ then we’d be in business).

It was a shame to see Andrew Luck retire, and all the best to him, but it was amusing that this happened around day three of the draft with Luck already off the board. Al had already taken a punt on Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley so to see Luck retire, and then his back up RB Miller go down with an ACL tear, certainly gets him off to an interesting start!

But that’ll do for now. I’ll talk more about the roster and the picks later – I might name those posts Mimir’s Corner and charge an arm and a leg to read them… not sure if that’s a better deal than Odin got. I need a lie down.

King Thrym, Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants

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