2020 Rookie Dynasty Draft – The Results. Rounds 1 & 2

The CRDL Is A PPR IDP Dynasty League With 11 Starters On Either Side Of The Ball – All Points Made Will Be In Respect Of This. Use This Information As You Will!

Many, many new Giants have joined the cause – 16 to be precise.

After a 7th place finish in the inaugural season of the Cecil Road Dynasty League, the Jotunheim Giants made a decision.

The one draft class to rule them all had been spied over the horizon and so the choice to implement a ‘giant’ culling was taken – and culled they were.

Alas, the tale of culling will have to wait – it’s draft results time!

In this article I’m going to go through our draft to give you a real example of how your dynasty draft may play out with reasoning behind my picks. I’ll talk a little about the first round picks but after that it will just be from my perspective.

Jotunheim Giants can be found in blue

Round 1

  1. Chase Young
  2. Isaiah Simmons
  3. Clyde Edwards Helaire
  4. Jonathon Taylor
  5. Ceedee Lamb
  6. Jerry Jeudy
  7. D’Andre Swift
  8. JK Dobbins
  9. Ke’Shawn Vaughn
  10. Tua Tagavailoa
  11. Cam Akers
  12. Justin Jefferson

As an IDP league there were no real surprises here. Young and Simmons were always going to go to the Dark Knights who had traded their way to the 1.01 and 1.02. In the same place I’d likely have gone with Young and CEH due to my huge need for an RB but it would have sucked missing out on Simmons (who, if DB eligible, will be a monster).

Anyway! CEH falls to me at the 1.03 and that pick was in without any hesitation. Yes, JT looks like he’s in a great landing spot in Indy but Mahomes wanted CEH therefore King Thrym wanted CEH. Still pumped about that pick.

JT obviously went next to the 99ers which left me with a big decision as to who to take next. I knew that if I passed on Ceedee I’d regret it for ever, and so Ceedee was the pick, he’s my number 1 WR and I can’t wait to see him in the NFL… even if it is with the Cowboys. If not Ceedee I’d have taken Swift or Dobbins – can never have enough running backs and these guys have a chance to become stars.

Jeudy went next (he’s my WR 2 with an amazing landing spot – take him if you want him and don’t fret about it) followed by Swift and Dobbins.

Vaughn found himself the next off the board. Per my rankings I had Vaughn over Swift but come draft time I don’t think I could have taken him if Swift was on the board. I’ll leave the rankings as they are for the moment but will go back to them having pondered this a little more!

Tua may be a surprise to some but the Warriors are well documented ‘Phins fans so I’m all in on this pick. Always draft your guys! Sometimes value can go hang, if there’s a player you want just grab them and feel content – it most likely stops you paying an absurd trade price at a later date anyway! I can’t see Tua starting until the second half of the season if he starts at all given he’s still recovering from a huge injury. In their shoes I’d redshirt him and get him ready for 2021. If they end up with a high pick next year they can make a statement and draft Etienne. Not exactly a value pick but what a turn around that would be in Miami!

Akers and Jefferson rounded out the first round which largely agreed with my rankings. All in all, an excellent round for all involved! 8 of the 12 GMs had picks in the first round for those interested – just 4 GMs were to make picks in the second!

Round 2

  1. Javon Kinlaw
  2. Denzel Mims
  3. Jalen Reagor
  4. Patrick Queen
  5. Joe Burrow
  6. K’Lavon Chaisson
  7. Chase Claypool
  8. Henry Ruggs
  9. Anthony McFarland
  10. Jeremy Chinn
  11. Michael Pitman Jr
  12. Bryan Edwards

Yes I know, I had a lot of picks – the tale of the culling is coming soon!

One thing to bear in mind with my thoughts on picks is that, with so many, I could approach this in a slightly different way. Rather than adhering to a ‘best player available’ from my big board I could make a few ‘luxury’ picks and reach a little for guys I was high on in positions of need knowing that I could accrue plenty of value regardless.

So, Javon Kinlaw.

Whether it was justified or not, I was terrified of Kinlaw going towards the end of the first. I’ve no idea how high people have him on their boards as IDP rankings are hard to come by (yes mine are coming as soon as possible) but there was no way I was missing out – Kinlaw is my guy. I ended up with some needs at DL after the culling and so this was going to be a position I targeted during the draft and Kinlaw sat at the very top of my list. Don’t be afraid to draft your guys – love seeing him on my roster. He’s going to be a monster.

Whilst there were a number of LB’s I’d loved to have drafted with my next two picks, I’d set up my roster to leave myself short at WR knowing the bounty of WRs present in this draft class. And here did I feast.

Mimsnation and Reagor were my highest ranked remaining WRs (despite the Jets/Eagles landing spots) and so making them Giants was an easy choice. Welcome to Jotunheim.

Joe Burrow at the 2.05 was a different pick.

Despite our best efforts, QBs are still not all that valuable in our league. We pumped up their points scoring (and heavily penalised INTs) but with only one starting QB and 32 teams, there’s only so much value there.

So why Burreaux?

Baker is my starting QB and I was sitting on Big Ben and Easton Stick so the Burreaux selection not only gives me an exciting long term prospect but a quality back up AND frees up a roster spot. I wanted to make sure I came away from the draft with him for these reasons so I snagged him as soon as I could. Big Ben and Easton are available on waivers for those who are interested.

And on to the 2.09 and my selection of Anthony McFarland.

I love this pick. I love McFarland and I don’t care who knows it. I love his play style, I love how fun he is to watch and I love his massive, massive.. upside. There’s a decent chance he sees a good chunk of playing time in Pittsburgh this year and if he does we could see something special.

Other considerations at this spot were Kenneth Murray and Jeremy Chinn but I always feel it’s worth taking a swing at an RB and McFarland is one of my guys.

And then Chinn went 😦

With Chinn gone, Murray would have been the sensible choice but I liked a lot of guys in the next tier at LB (and still had Logan Wilson ranked alongside Murray) and so I went back to WR and got the last guy from my second tier – Michael Pitman Jr.

As per my WR rankings, I feel Pitman can become the no 1 receiver in Indy and so I was over the moon to grab him at the end of the second. This also allowed me to almost ‘cross off’ WR from my board and focus on other positions. If someone I liked fell to me then I would take them but I wasn’t going to go looking for any more.

With that the second round came to a close and I already had 8 picks in the bag.

The Jotunheim Giants draft stacked up as follows

  • QB Joe Burrow
  • RB CEH
  • RB Anthony McFarland
  • WR Ceedee Lamb
  • WR Denzel Mims
  • WR Jalen Reagor
  • WR Michael Pitman
  • DL Javon Kinlaw

I’d have liked to have come away with another RB but with all my top ranked guys going in the first I turned my attention to WR and locked down that position.

My dream picks from these two rounds were CEH, Ceedee, Mimsnation and Kinlaw – the draft may have only been yesterday (29/04) but damn does it still feel good today looking at those picks!

Rounds 3 through 6 will follow in part 2 in the same format. Still need to address DB, find some LB depth and then I should still have some picks left over to take some wild punts on players.

Tune in next time to find out how it finished.

King Thrym

Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants



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