2020 Dynasty Rookie Wide Receiver Rankings – Top 20

And so, the historic 2020 wide receiver class.

The picks are in, destinations settled.

But who do you pick? Who’s the best receiver? Who has the best landing spot?

Fear not! Here in Jotunheim we’ve spent some time this off-season ranking the wide receivers to enable the start of the Jotunheim domination and King Thrym has deemed you worthy to share in his rankings.


  1. Ceedee Lamb
  2. Jerry Jeudy
  3. Jalen Reagor
  4. Justin Jefferson
  5. Denzel Mims
  6. Michael Pittman
  7. Henry Ruggs
  8. Tee Higgins
  9. Brandon Aiyuk
  10. Van Jefferson
  11. Laviska Shenault
  12. Antonio Gandy-Golden
  13. Bryan Edwards
  14. Collin Johnson
  15. Devin Duvernay
  16. Lynn Bowden
  17. Tyler Johnson
  18. Donovan Peoples-Jones
  19. Isaiah Hodgins/Gabriel Davis
  20. KJ Hamler

And on to the reasons

#1 Ceedee Lamb

Ceedee is my favourite wide receiver from the draft. He’s the complete receiver and he was going to be my WR1 almost no matter of his landing spot.

But is the Dallas landing spot bad?

No. No it is not.

We’ve seen teams sustain multiple wide receivers (think 2018 Rams) and I believe Dak will have a spectacular 2020.

Mark Lamb down as a long term WR1.

#2 Jerry Jeudy

The king of route running finds himself landing in Denver opposite Courtland Sutton and KJ Hamler in a completely revamped WR corps – it must be Drew Lock’s birthday!

I think Jeudy will quickly become Lock’s safety net as he’s going to be open all the time – I’m looking forward to seeing these two grow together.

Another long term WR1.

#3 Jalen Reagor

It’s funny how some players just don’t carry hype.

My early notes had him as reminiscent of a faster Agholor with an almost OBJ-like ability to come down with the football. His routes could do with some work but then if they didn’t he’d be #1.

Another longer term WR1 with immediate redraft value. Look to see him having a big first year in Philly.

#4 Justin Jefferson

Landing in Minnesota opposite Thielen and with Cousins under centre, Jefferson should hit the ground running.

Couldn’t find any weaknesses to speak of in his game and any worries about speed he put to rest with a 4.44 40 at the combine.

Compared him to somewhere between Keenan Allen and Tyler Boyd – he’s going to do the business in Minnesota.

Happy to crown him another long term WR1 and with first year upside. What a class.

#5 Denzel Mims

He’s like a turbo Kenny Golladay with glue on his hands.

A huge pre draft favourite of mine who I’ve battled hard not to put higher than this.

Landing in New York with Darnold, Mims should instantly become the primary target and dominate.

Expecting a sensational first year and should be a long term stud – especially once freed of Gase.

Welcome to Mims-nation

#6 Michael Pittman Jr

Pittman is 6’4, 223 lbs, ran a 4.52 and is rumoured to have once caught Chuck Norris.

A huge possession receiver or a deep threat? Depends on what his coaches want as I’ve no doubt he can master both.

Landing in Indy tells you that he’s got the right character else they just wouldn’t draft him – and they drafted him over Jonathon Taylor!

I believe he’ll become the number one target in Indy with a massive ceiling.

Long term WR1 – God bless this class.

#7 Henry Ruggs

The speedster finally makes an appearance.

Ruggs is more than a deep threat but I find it hard to trust these kinds of receiver in fantasy.  He may be a difference maker on larger rosters, where he could win you a week on his own, but if you have a strong starting WR corps with only a few starters I’d be hesitant through fear of him busting. Best ball? Sign me up.

Think he’ll be a better real life WR than fantasy but he could be another Tyreek.

Carr has a weapon.

Worth a punt at greatness.

#8 Tee Higgins

Back to the more standard WR1 types with Higgins.

Tee Higgins has somehow become a sleeper in this class despite being drafted at the top of the 2nd round by the Bengals. Higgins is a monster with pretty minimal drawbacks and landing in a WR corps alongside AJ Green is perfect for his development.

There’s a legitimate chance he can become the next AJ in Cincy..

Long term WR1 – I hope you have multiple draft picks!

#9 Brandon Aiyuk

Aiyuk is not a prototypical WR1 – I know, pretty shocking at this point.

He’s going to fill the role of a downfield threat in San Francisco with ridiculous after the catch ability – they certainly have a type those 49ers! I’d prefer to see him used in more sweeps where he can really do his thing and that makes his landing spot absolutely perfect.

Recent surgery has lowered his value, sounds like a buy.

#10 Van Jefferson

I’m a huge fan of Van Jefferson and was likely going to target him no matter where he landed but the Rams may actually be, quietly, his perfect landing spot.

Not expecting a huge amount out of him in his first year (although the second round draft capital is intriguing) but look to him emulating Cooper Kupp in the future.

#11 Laviska Shenault

There goes Viska!

I want him higher in the rankings.

He’s an absolute after-the-catch monster. A running back masquerading as a WR – unfortunately he runs routes and catches a bit like a RB as well which is why he’s down here at 11.

The Jags are certainly an enticing landing spot but it depends on how they use him – I think he’ll struggle if deployed as a regular WR but if they go gadget with him then go gadget go!

#12 Antonio Gandy-Golden

AGG is a big angry man.

He’s of a similar mold to the prototypical WR1’s that came earlier in this list but with question marks due to playing at Liberty.

Can he do it against higher competition?

I think so.

Watch AGG become the no 1 receiver in Washington and free up Scary Terry.

I have more doubt in Haskins than AGG. Get him in the second if you can and give him time..

#13 Bryan Edwards

My favourite WR in Las Vegas…

Edwards again has all the hallmarks of a dominant WR but is probably a year of development away.

There’s every chance he can become Carr’s go to man despite this which puts him in the same category as AGG for me.

That Raiders passing attack could go off this year.

Get my favourite piece of it for a round or two discount on Ruggs.

#14 Collin Johnson

For me the ex-Longhorn Johnson is a tier below AGG and Edwards but he’s huge and moves surprisingly well.

His 5th round draft capital is about right but his landing spot in Jacksonville is near perfect. He’s every chance of becoming Minshew’s go-to guy and I want my shot at that.

Late round sleeper with upside.

#15 Devin Duvernay

A pair of Longhorns!

Duvernay looks like a beefed up Tyreek Hill without the ability to change direction.

Crazy speed, great hands, built like a tank. If you need someone to run in one direction then Duvernay is your guy as there’s no one stopping him from going where he wants to go – it’s just how does that translate to the NFL?

..and then the Ravens draft him in the 3rd. This could get messy.

I’m not sold on Duvernay as a fantasy guy but he’s going to cause mayhem and I can’t wait to see it.

Might be worth drafting late as I see someone falling in love with what he can do.

#16 Lynn Bowden

Well the Raiders have just announced him as an RB so who knows what going on here?

Fun guy that played QB for half of last season out of the wildcat after the teams QB went down.

Definition of a gadget player that will have far more real life value than fantasy but who knows! Might be fun to pick up in deeper leagues just to see what happens.

Wouldn’t say no to him on my roster.

#17 Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson is my ultimate sleeper.. apart from he went to the Buccs which has thrown everything out of whack.

Love him as a long term WR2 that will anchor a team with consistent production – I just don’t see how that fits in Tompa Bay currently with Godwin and Evans there.

I’m going to comp his landing spot to if Gallup had just been drafted by the Cowboys with Ceedee and Coop already there…

Well worth a stash but don’t reach in to the second for him.

#18 Donovan Peoples-Jones

DPJ is really a stash in dynasty. He looks like he needs a few more years to develop but maybe Juice and OBJ are the guys to whip him in to shape.. well, maybe Juice.

Like the player, grab him late.

#19 Isaiah Hodgins/Gabriel Davis

Huuuuge upside here for deeper leagues.

So I may have cheated and added both Bills wide receivers.

Davis went in the 4th and Hodgins in the 6th but I like both enough to be happy to stash them away in a taxi to see what happens. Outside of Diggs I don’t think anyone else will be around for too long and I expect both to win roster spots.

Possible long term value.

#20 KJ Hamler

Last but not least (there are still receivers I’d consider rostering including the UDFA Quartney Davis!) KJ Hamler finds himself making the top 20(ish) cut.

He was a huge 7th round steal in the draft for Denver and will have immediate impact as a field stretcher. He’s another guy I think will have much higher real life value than fantasy but he could turn in to DJax – easy late round pick.


This class will redefine the NFL WR landscape.

I think a lot of fringe WRs will find themselves pushed out by the sheer amount of talent in this class and I would not be surprised if a dozen names on this list become top 24 fantasy WRs for the next 5 years.

Grab as many as you can.

King Thrym

Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants




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