Gameweek 1 – Week 1 Upset. No Wait – Week 1, Upset :(

And not just about having stayed up til 04:30 watching the Packers-Bears game.

So there’s the Week 1 line up. Couple of changes before the season started including a rather big trade.

OBJ has gone. As has Nick Bosa.

Pretty painful stuff as those are two guys I was stoked to have on the roster but traded they have been. Who for you ask?

Aaron Donald and TJ Hockenson.

Also a 2021 3rd – wonder who that’ll end up being?

I just couldn’t turn down getting Donald, he’s too good and it’s too much fun watching the pass rush now it means something! Hockenson is probably the guy I was most disappointed not getting in the draft so getting him was excellent as well. Not sure who did better out of the trade but that probably means it was a decent trade.

Anyway, those were the Giants for Week 1 and boy did they suck.

It was off to an awful start with the Packers-Bears on TNF – Adams didn’t do much, Allison didn’t even get a target and Montgomery was woefully underused. Martinez got stuck in though and I loved watching the pass rush hence the Donald trade and a second big trade that happened after Week 1 had concluded – details in the next post!

Things continued to suck during the glorious return of RedZone with Landry and Vernon doing nothing against the Titans (classic Browns) and Dissly went off with a knee injury against the Bengals which was a worry (sounds like he is fine and back for the Steelers game which is great news!).

Speaking of the Steelers, what was that about? I’d predicted that they’d struggle this year which is why I was down on Conner and why I picked up McDonald – I thought they might rely on him a bit. Well one game in and half of that is true. The Steelers struggled but Vance ‘Stiffarm’ McDonald was barely involved! Ah well, it’s a long season and I’m sure they’ll get him firing. At least Gordon and Edelman smashed it and are looking good for the season – even with the Pats acquiring AB I think they’ll be good weekly starts.

A tight end that did fire was The Hock! Stafford’s go to man after one game. Brilliant stuff. Just need to start him Week 2.

The other half of the trade surprisingly did nothing as Donald managed only one tackle and a hit on the QB. Nevermind, I lost 270.12 to 200.80 so he’d have had to put in some serious work to pull that one back anyway!

QB wise, loved the massive Murray inspired comeback against the Lions. He looks like he’s going to be the business but with the Pats playing people wearing Dolphins shirts next week I think I’ll be starting Brady Week 2.

The MVP for week 1 though was Hargreaves. I’d picked him up off of waivers having read that he was a bit of a ball hawk and was going to be used a bit closer to the line of scrimmage this year and boom! Week 1 pick 6. Now if he can just do that every week I’ll be in business.

Anyway, that was Week 1 and the Jotunheim Giants have a 0-1 all-time record. Poo.

On to Week 2.

King Thrym, Head Coach of the Jotunheim Giants

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