Return of the Deer

Following on from my last post, it does indeed appear that the deer are out and about on the common again. They’re not exactly everywhere though, I usually don’t see one until I’m heading off the common – sometimes after having put the camera away.

Roe deer on Ashtead common, 13/04/2019

I was out exploring the common with my friend Sam trying to convince her that there were really deer out there and it wasn’t just Photoshop when we finally came across the above deer hiding deep in the woods. Having met our allotted quota we couldn’t find another one so gave up and had a picnic instead.

Roe deer in Great Stew Pond, Epsom Common, 17/04/2019

The above and below photos were taken during dusk a few days later in a, slightly ethereal, flat light. This is only the second time I’ve witnessed a deer wading in the shallows of the Great Stew Pond on Epsom common and it was just as exciting as the first.

Roe deer in Great Stew Pond, Epsom Common, 17/04/2019

After a couple of trips without any sightings, and whilst heading off the common after another unsuccessful trip, I finally came across a buck who was resting just a little way off the path. This chap was fairly happy to have his picture taken and made no effort whatsoever to move from his comfy spot – so I took the below photo and left him to enjoy his evening.

A buck resting just off the path, Epsom Common, 28/04/2019

A couple from yesterday now and, as usual, a sighting just as I was leaving the common. I’d spotted him preening off in the distance and watched him for around 5 minutes as he made his way across the path and out in to the open. At this point it suddenly got very dark and the rain came down, so, after posing for a portrait, we both decided it was about time to head for cover.

Looking regal in the rain, Epsom Common, 04/05/2019
Get my good side, Epsom Common, 04/05/2019

We’ve got another bank holiday rolling around next week so I think I’ll head out the common.


One thought on “Return of the Deer

  1. Stunning photos Doug, lovely to see the different seasons , the common looks so different now ,though I’m not sure whether its summer or winter at the moment !


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