Trick or Treat?

…need to fire my proof reader. At least the title makes sense now!

Well. That was a bit of a break.

No pics in this one, just writing something to get back in the flow a bit and make a to do list – that was the original point of this blog after all!

I’m not sure what happened to An end to the Summer – part II. As far as I can tell I didn’t want Summer to end and so… I didn’t write it. So that’s top of the to do list.

Where are the pictures from the Cornwall trip?! I can’t even remember what pictures I took so that’s number two on the list.

The wrestling! We had an amazing weekend watching some local wrestling which was something to behold. Pictures from that make it in to third.

A swift trip up the London Eye yielded some nice photos so those creep in to fourth on the to do list.

Right, think that’s all the photo posts I need to write. Other than that I think I need to bring back the Ideas posts as, you may be able to tell, I haven’t been posting very regularly hence I need to get ideas down so that, at the very least, We Have it in Writing


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