An end to the Summer – Part 1

Last month I was camping down in Devon with the Exeter Uni lot. Thinking back a month conjures images of endless sunshine but, alas, no.

Our camping trip to Devon seems to have brought about the end of the eternal sunshine and it did so in style – I still have the odd item drying out and the tent will never tent again.

And it started so promisingly.

Tents went up,

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-004

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-019

pirate outposts were erected,

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-016

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-020

sleeping arrangements were set,

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-013

and Gaz shouted at his tent.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-009

You may have noticed that it doesn’t resemble the typical campsite and this would be true. Kindly (optimistically/madly) Al had offered us to the far corner of his farmhouse garden to camp in and so, in return, we offered Gaz as help to kindly (optimistically/madly) try and cajole the chickens back to the hen house.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-023

In case you were wondering here was the woeful excuse for a tent I had for the weekend.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-005

So with camp sorted we set off in the direction of East Prawle and The Pigs Nose. The Pigs Nose is a great little music pub stuck out in the middle of nowhere (more on this later) and we had tickets to the gig that night – Tankus the Henge supported by The Cabarats.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-024

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-026

Cheers to Dave for being the ever-helpful taxi!

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-028

We arrived at a jam-packed Pigs Nose and squeezed into the, very red and very small, snug. Scampi, chips and a beer later (well I only had the one beer anyway) it was time to gradually head towards the hall.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-029

There may have been a quick stop for refreshments half way through the 20m trip.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-032

The Cabarats in full flow.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-035

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-040

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-038

I even remembered to take some video so here’s a little snippet.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-043

The Cabarats were a lot of fun so I didn’t take a lot of photos so that’ll have to do – on to the main act, Tankus the Henge.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-044

Tankus were also excellent and The Pigs Nose is a brilliant venue – all in all it was rather good.

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-046

2018-07-28 - Devon camping-051

2018-07-29 - Devon-001

So about it being in the middle of nowhere.

We left The Pigs Nose at 02:00 and, after a gentle stroll, arrived back at the campsite at 04:00…

2018-07-29 - Devon-005

2018-07-29 - Devon-006

No one slept in the pirate fort 😦

2018-07-29 - Devon-008

So ended Friday.

Next post, Saturday.


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