Yo Sarnie!

I’ve finally gotten around to writing a new blog post!

It’s been a little while but thankfully the move is taking place on Friday so I should be back to posting what my camera and I get up to. Mostly what I’ve been getting up to recently is working. This does, however, lead nicely in to this post which is about our favourite lunch time sandwich bar – Yo Sarnie!

Yo Sarnie! is run by a great couple of guys who are aiming to produce the worlds best selection of healthy sandwiches. We watched a lot of the World Cup there this summer (see my last post for proof!) and they asked me if I’d like to pop down one evening to take some photos for them – obviously I did!

So this post will be a selection of the pics I took last Thursday. I’ve not done ‘sandwich promotion’ shots before (odd that) so you might have to bear with a little.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-001

So here’s Jason preparing the first sandwich for the shoot – some sort of grilled halloumi thing (it isn’t one of the signature sandwiches so I haven’t tried it yet).

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-003

Here is a picture of the same Halloumi sandwich now on a snazzy table. I probably should have used a little more depth of field but I think it works ok.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-004

Same sandwich, same table.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-014

Same sandwich, different table.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-007

Fortunately, just as I had exhausted my repertoire of sandwich shots, Jason had finished preparing a signature steak sandwich. Now this one I have tried and it is probably the best sandwich Jason makes.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-010

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-016

The meat Jason uses for all the sandwiches carefully selected and imported from across the street at Ben’s Butchery – the beauty of having all the meat come from a local butchers is not just that it’s all super fresh but that, if you want something that Jason hasn’t got, he just walks across the street and buys it. Simple!

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-011

Following closely on the heels of the steak sandwich was a firm office favourite, the Uncle P chicken sizzler – probably the best sandwich Jason makes.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-024

In a break from pictures of sandwiches here’s one of Damian who fills the important role at Yo Sarnie! of chief conversationist and coffee maker – here he is fulfilling his duties as the former.

Whilst Damian was busy, Jason had rounded off the 4 signature sandwiches collection with the Broadway and pork belly sandwiches. Now these two sandwiches are the best sandwiches Jason makes so I had to make sure to get a decent photo of each. Rather than boring you with lots of individual photos however I thought I’d show a few ‘group shots’.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-021

Broadway is back left, halloumi centre and the pork belly makes an appearance in the bottom right.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-035

Just in case my photos were rubbish though, Damian did a few back up photos with the worlds oldest Polaroid camera – 3 days later and I think they’re still developing!

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-041

Now clearly that bowl of salad nearest Damian is not a sandwich. This is because, if you don’t fancy a sandwich, you can have it in salad form – unsurprisingly the steak laden salad is just that, a steak sandwich in salad form.

2018-08-02 - Yo Sarnie-040

Anyway enough sandwich photos – I’m now incredibly hungry.

I really enjoyed doing the sandwich shots. It’s something completely different for me and is certainly trickier than I expected!  I’m hoping at some point to do a few more although I’ll have to make sure I’ve eaten first…


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