Weekly Photo Challenge, Liquid

It’s new camera time.

I’ve been out exploring the common again but this time armed with my new Sony a7 iii – more on that to come!

The new camera and I were in for a bit of a treat last Thursday evening as the deer were out in force and, handily for this weeks challenge, I came across this happy lass wading around in the pond tucking in to the shrubbery.

2018-05-17 - Epsom deer-012

She seemed quite content to ignore me and pootle around as I watched her for about 20 mins before deciding that actually I was getting quite hungry and headed home.

2018-05-17 - Epsom deer-013

2018-05-17 - Epsom deer-021

I’m going to a couple of weddings this weekend so I’ll try and do a review-ish thing of the Sony a7 iii in a couple of weeks when I’ve had a proper play with it.

Right, it’s getting warm again so I’m off to find myself a different sort of Liquid.


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