Weekly Photo Challenge, Unlikely

As usual this weeks post sees me head over to Epsom common – mainly to have a walk in the sun rather than to look for deer/birds as it was early afternoon and hot. I did find a deer but it was at the very end of the walk and almost surprised me as much as the deer so no photo there. I also heard a woodpecker hammering away and so went to investigate but 10 minutes of hanging under a far too leafy tree proved fruitless.

So this brings us to this weeks theme and the Unlikely photo I came away with.

2018-05-07 - Spider webs in Epsom common-001

Sun-dappled spider webs, Epsom common, 07/05/2018

Wasn’t part of the plan but it’s a little different which is nice. I’d like to get some London street photos soon so hopefully I’ll have a few more new piccies to share on the blog then.

Hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine!


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