Weekly Photo Challenge, Lines

It’s a good job I started writing something for this photo challenge (almost) every week else there wouldn’t be much on the blog!

The bedding in period at work feels like it’s coming to an end and the weather is showing hints of improving finally so hopefully I’ll be able to get out and about soon to take some more pics. In the mean time I’m having a rummage through my photo albums to find some Lines photos.

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-010

Crisscrossing lines, Epsom, 28/02/2018

This one stood out to me and I certainly enjoyed exploring Epsom in the snow – the lines made in the snow by the traffic made for dramatic black and white photos.

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom Common-003

Great Stew Pond, Epsom Common, Epsom, 28/02/2018

Different style line in this one with a wriggly leading line – I only wish I’d had a tripod with me for this one as it doesn’t look sharp all the way through the image but the line certainly makes the image.

2018-01-31 - CWR and Science Museum Lates-013

To help with public access the filled-in stair well has since been drilled through!, Churchill War Rooms, 31/01/2018

One from the Churchill War Rooms here. This was originally a stairwell that was filled before the outbreak of the War to better protect the bunker. In developing the museum the stairwell was drilled through to allow for a better flow of visitors – it also produced a striking corridor!

2018-01-05 - British Museum-010

I had to do one black and white, The British Museum, London, 05/01/2018

The caption here doesn’t really fit in this context as they seem to be mostly black and whites – maybe the lack of colour allows the lines to dominate the image.

2017-11-04 - Fireworks at WsM CC-046

The Weston ‘W’ – Up the West!, Bonfire Night at WsM CC, 04/11/2017

Different use of lines in this one. Fireworks lend themselves wonderfully to slightly longer exposures as the trails carve bright, colourful lines across the sky – sometimes they also take the shape of letters!

Background edit

Bristol Temple Meads Station

Last one. Black and white again.

Train tracks always add lovely leading lines to photos and the curvature of Bristol Temple Meads station accentuates this effect. Or something like that anyway.

Right that’s enough of that. Hopefully new photos next week!


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