Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Well that was an unexpected break.

Between applying for jobs (well job) and hideous amounts of tooth ache February rather shot past.

On the plus side it went out with a bang with the arrival of ‘The Beast From The East’ so I had a potter around Epsom town centre with my camera to see what all the fuss was about.

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-001

Exploring at night, Epsom, 28/02/2018

I’ve always enjoyed a bit of night time photography as you get a great mix of shadows and colours. Here the road glistened in metallic colours each time a car passed.

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-003

Note the excellent pub in the background, Epsom, 28/02/2018

While here the car head lights produced long shadows from walkers crossing the street.

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-010

Crisscrossing lines, Epsom, 28/02/2018

Epsom has one very obvious photo attraction in the centre and that’s the clock tower – the second clock tower to have stood in Epsom’s town centre with this one dating from 1847.

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-004

Night time colours, Epsom, 28/02/2018

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-005

Snow o’clock, Epsom, 28/02/2018

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-008

Looking resplendent in the snow, Epsom, 28/02/2018

Seeing as it was a little nippy I only did a quick loop around the centre so here are the other pics I took before scampering home.

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-006

I do love a black and white, Epsom, 28/02/2018

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-007

Epsom high street, Epsom, 28/02/2018

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-009

Epsom station, Epsom, 28/02/2018

2018-02-28 - Snowy Epsom-011

Back-lit tree, Epsom, 28/02/2018

I’ll hopefully be heading in to London tomorrow with the camera so we’ll see what I can find there.

Enjoy the snow!


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