Decisions, Decisions

What a busy week!

Between watching my brother Seb play two gigs this week, Tom and Kel having a baby (Alexia, Lexi/Lexie for short – they’ve not decided yet) and attending the wedding of fellow Mardonite Sooz I’ve not managed to post anything here!

The upside to this busy week is that I’ve had plenty of opportunities to take a few photos, catch up with friends from my time at Exeter Uni (from Mardon Hall to be precise) and gained a niece – just need a quiet week to edit photos and update the blog now.

2017-10-12 - Seb at Heroes-003

Seb hosting the open mic at Heroes, Weston-super-Mare, 12/10/2017

2017-10-12 - Seb at Heroes-004

Seb pulling off his best Bob Dylan impression, Heroes Weston-super-Mare, 12/10/2017

2017-10-12 - Seb at Heroes-008

Seb at Heroes, Weston-super-Mare, 12/10/2017

I don’t always make Seb’s gig photos black and white but the light at Heroes is fairly harsh and lends itself a bit better to B&W.

2017-10-14 - Sooz's Wedding-002

The new Mrs. Bowsher celebrates with fellow Mardonites Mols and Gaz, Farnham Castle, 14/10/2017

And on to the wedding! What a perfect location for a wedding Farnham Castle was and when mixed with some nice weather, a free bar and copious amounts of steak pizza it really set the stage for a great day.

I didn’t take many photos as I spent most of the day catching up but I did take the ubiquitous ‘main course’ photo (partially because I haven’t taken one before and partially because it looked so nice!) and a few of Fuggles blowing bubbles.

2017-10-14 - Sooz's Wedding-005

An extremely tasty main course bathed in fluorescent purple lighting from behind me! Sooz and Paul’s wedding, Farnham Castle, 14/10/2017

2017-10-14 - Sooz's Wedding-006

Fuggles & Bubbles, Sooz and Paul’s wedding, Farnham Castle, 14/10/2017

I’m looking forward to seeing the photographers pictures from the wedding as I could have quite happily spent the whole day just taking photos!

Now I was chatting away to Chuck over the weekend (another Mardonite) about plans for the future as he has a free room in his house near London and this highlighted the current problem I’m facing. I’ve saved up enough money to do a bit of travelling (and I can then up date the blog with ramblings and photos) or I can move to a city (and then up date the blog with different ramblings and photos). OK, as far as problems go this is a nice one to have but it is a problem nonetheless as both options are short term plans seeing as I’m not made of money!

This weeks plan then is to write an ‘Idea’ post on moving to a city such as London and what I would do while there – oh and I need to take some photos of Alexia… and fix the ‘Ideas’ drop down menu… and probably some other things.


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