Blog Posts – Updates & Ideas

We’re a couple of weeks in and I still remember I have a blog so things are going well.

I’ve been having a think about what sort of posts I can write and how closely to follow the original scheme of ‘post idea’ followed by ‘write up with photos’ as I’m going to get through a lot of posts with ideas and not so many with any photos in…

..such as this one..

..lemme fix that.


Bristol Temple Meads Station – the current background to the site!

Now I had actually put some ideas into practice before starting a blog and one write up I do need to do is regarding Summer 2017 and how I spent it photographing a lot of cricket – expect a blog post on Weston-super-Mare CC soon(ish).

2017-09-02 - WsMCC vs North Petherton CC-204

Weston-super-Mare CC – WEPL Somerset Champions!

Leading from this I think I’m likely to write a few ‘lens review’ posts as I found them particularly handy when I was looking at lenses to purchase so the Tamron 150-600mm G2 will likely be getting a review as will my Sony-Zeiss lenses and the Mavic Pro.

Finally, I want to write about printing and displaying photos as I’ve enjoyed seeing some of my photos on walls that aren’t electronic (I don’t have anything against FB – photos just look better printed big).

Well those are the posts I need to get around to writing and there seems to be plenty there to keep me going for a while so lots to keep an eye out for!

Got a suggestion for a post? Pop it in the comments below.


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