idea #7, Cruising the Baltic

While we’re on the subject of cruises another trip I’d like to do is to explore the Baltic by ferry.

Why the Baltic? How about this for an itinerary – Copenhagen, Gdansk, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm. Sounds pretty good to me and that’s still missing places such as Gothenburg and, you know, Germany (should probably add somewhere like Lubeck to the list).

The two main reasons for me wanting to visit these cities by sea are, firstly, the chance to get photos of the cities from the sea at sunrise (as that’s roughly when the ferries look to get in) and secondly that it just seems the right way to visit historically important maritime cities!

As to whether it’s best to do a pre-planned cruise or to try to ‘city hop’ I don’t know – hassle-free travelling vs more time to explore!

Currently leaning toward the second option..


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