idea #6, Northern…Boats

As if flying around after the Northern Lights wasn’t already cool enough the Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten offer ‘Northern Lights Cruises’ where you cruise up the Norwegian coastline and into the Arctic Circle. This particular cruise hosts a guest astronomer who gives lectures during the cruise including evening lectures under the stars.

Now, being a cruise, this can take up to 2 weeks as opposed to the 3 hours flying takes (see idea #5!) hence it comes in a little more pricey but it’s still going on the ‘to-do’ list!

Hurtigruten (and other ferry companies I would assume) also offer less astronomy focused cruises (strange that) that visit all the Norwegian ports. Now ‘all the Norwegian ports’ doesn’t really have the impact that the Hurtigruten route map does so go check out the routes!

As to which one I prefer….I don’t know, so they’re both going on the list and I can sort that out when/if I get around to it!



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