Raining on my Parade

I’m still sulking about the weather on carnival night nearly 2 weeks ago.

The plan was to fly the Mavic down on the beach so that I could look back into Weston and see the Carnival route lit up by all the floats. I’d then take some piccies of the floats before heading over to Seb’s gig to take a few more photos.

I can’t have had the Mavic in the air for more than 2 minutes before it started to rain and of course it just got heavier and heavier throughout the evening however I still took a few so I’ll share those.


Weston Carnival from the Air, Weston Carnival, 10/11/2017

This isn’t the image I had in mind but with a little imagination you might get an idea of what I was after. The carnival starts in the top right of the image and then heads up to the top of the centre of the image along Alfred Street before heading over to the left along the Boulevard where a very blue float is lurking. As the carnival reaches the seafront at the Cabot it turns left and would come along to the bottom of the image where the fire engines are currently parading before turning right and heading back to the start. This was just a quick scout with the Mavic as the carnival would take another 30 mins to reach the finish at which point there would hopefully have been a float at every point of the route lighting it up nicely but, alas, the rain came. Oh well, maybe next year.

2017-11-10 - Carnival Night-003

I’m going to assume this was the ‘lurking blue float’ from the Mavic photo, Weston Carnival, 10/11/2017

2017-11-10 - Carnival Night-004

Despite the rain this float was still given the go ahead, Weston Carnival, 10/11/2017

2017-11-10 - Carnival Night-006

Soggy crowds enjoying the carnival, Weston Carnival, 10/11/2017

After these 2 floats I scampered off to Raddy’s Bar to get out the rain and help Seb set up – I may have also watched the second half of England vs Germany.

2017-11-10 - Carnival Night-009

Seb entertaining at Raddy’s Bar, Weston Carnival, 10/11/2017

I’m not sure if it was the football, Seb or the warm and dry but there was a good crowd in at Raddy’s (most of which are behind the pillars to the right of shot near the bar!) and the little lad at the front had a good time showing off his dance moves.

The Fireworks at Sea display the following day suffered a similar fate but we did head down to Icescape at the Tropicana during the day which has been done up rather patriotically.

2017-11-11 - Iceskating at the Tropi-002

Icescape at the Tropicana, Weston-super-Mare, England, 11/11/2017

2017-11-11 - Iceskating at the Tropi-010

My brother nearly stacking it after trying to show off much to my Mum and Sister’s delight!, Icescape at the Tropicana, WsM, 11/11/2017

Icescape looks great at night so I’ll have to head down one evening with the camera – so many things to do so little time!


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