idea #8, A Capital Idea! The Results

Well how did that happen.

I suddenly find myself living in London (anything within the M25 I consider London – in fact anything East of Bath is pretty much London if you’re from the West Country).

When I started the blog, two seconds, about eleven weeks ago at the end of September I certainly didn’t envisage myself having moved to London by the end of the year and I certainly didn’t expect my first ‘idea results’ post to be about the move! Looking back through the ‘idea’ posts there are certainly two that would have been a lot easier to finish (the photos of Weston pier and the Somerset levels) however both of these are suddenly a lot trickier!

Anyway, I moved to London on Sunday and have now had a few days to sort out the myriad little bits and pieces that needed sorting out yet somehow I find myself having not really sorted anything out at all – I really have to go food shopping today. I blame my lack of progress on London. More specifically the museums as I spent all of Tuesday in the Natural History and Science Museums.

2017-12-05 - NHM-003

Alfred Russell Wallace enjoying the warm and dry, Natural History Museum, London, 05/12/2017

One day is not even close to enough time to see all of the exhibits within the museums but it’s certainly a nice start. Of the two I enjoyed the Natural History Museum more as I felt it had a slightly better coherency to the exhibits – also the building is sensational, which helps.

Whilst rummaging through the events hosted at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum I may have realised that I in fact hadn’t made it to the Science Museum and had actually been in the ‘Red Zone’ of the NHM. The bit I felt was a little incoherent was the ‘Restless Surface’ exhibit so I’ll just have to go back to visit the Science Museum and give it a fair trial – I also need to visit the Green and Orange Zones in the NHM. Doug – 08/12/2017

They’re all brilliant. Doug – 26/03/2018

2017-12-05 - NHM-002

The view from the top floors of the Natural History Museum are worth the visit alone!, Natural History Museum, London, 05/12/2017

There are a ridiculous number of museums in London and it’s going to take a while to visit them all (especially when some require multiple visits) so plan for the next few weeks is to visit the Imperial War Museum (including HMS Belfast and the Churchill War Rooms), the British Museum and V&A before moving on to the museums I can’t remember off the top of my head.

One thing I haven’t quite got my head around yet is museum membership as there are a lot of museums and individual museum membership would add up rather quickly so I’ve been looking for an all encompassing ‘London museum membership’. What I’ve found so far is that I think you can become a member of the Museum Association which seems to be what I’m after although I’m not sure that this gives the same sort of benefits that individual membership gives and you may have to work at a museum… although I am working on that!

Anyway, after this particularly rambly post I may just take a leaf out of this lady’s book.

2017-12-05 - NHM-004

The Natural History Museum is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of central London, Natural History Museum, London, 05/12/2017


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