idea #3, Walls and Temples

So a friend of mine will be having a potter about the Himalayas at the end of October and is raising money for Marie Curie. She’s going with Global Adventure Challenges (GAC from now on) and I have decided to steal that idea.

Here is Emily’s justgiving site if you’d like to donate!

Now the Himalayas aren’t really my cup of tea but I’ve had a nose around the GAC website for other treks and they have quite a few that look pretty cool such as the Great Wall of China, the Inca Trail and a Sahara Desert trek. Now with these types of trips I think using a company that takes care of the organization is a great idea but there are also trip ideas on the site that may be better suited to a DIY approach – such as China’s Great Wall’s little brother Hadrian’s Wall.

So in this idea ‘slot’ I’m going to lump together a DIY walk of Hadrian’s Wall and a booked exotic trek or two…or three – just need to wait and see how the guinea pig gets on. If anyone is interested in one of these walks or something similar then leave a message below!

Best of luck Emily!


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