What do we have here then?

Well I have a blog. Not something I ever envisaged myself having largely due to the lack of anything interesting I have to write about.

So why start a blog?

Well the plan for this blog is very simple. When I think of something that I might (or should probably) do I’ll record it here as a reminder to myself that I ought to actually get around to doing it. Hopefully, as the nature of a blog is to be public, people can see the ideas and either gently remind me that ‘wasn’t I going to do X?’, can suggest something similar/better or even decide that actually they’d also quite like to do X and join in.

In that vein the majority of posts will likely be one off ideas that I may need to save into a ‘Maybe I should actually do that’ section to be used as big sticks to goad me on. The proof in the bloggy pudding will be how many of the idea posts are eventually followed by posts stuffed with photos from said idea having been acted upon.

The ideas themselves will, by and large, have a photography base with a healthy dose of travelling.

Now at that a number of people who know me well will already be shouting at their screen telling me that I say that a lot. Well to them I say – now it’s in writing! (Hence the current name of the blog). As to whether it being in writing makes a blind bit of difference remains to be seen but hey-ho.

Well there’s the plan. All I need to do now is populate the blog with ideas and pictures.

Speaking of pictures there isn’t one in this post so I better fix that.

2017-06-04 - Mavic Beach Images HE-006

My favorite abstract pic I’ve taken. Guesses in the comments below as to what it is.


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